Mar 30, 2015

Easter Egg Decorating Party

We are springing into the season over here. Easter is almost upon us. It’s time to break free and spend more time outside.

For years, I hosted a family Easter brunch to celebrate resurrection Sunday.  This holiday is an important time for our family to come together and express our appreciation for God’s love and for us to love on each other through fellowship. I am not hosting a brunch this year, but I am celebrating the season and making it special with my husband and the kids.  Dinner will be planned, dinner table will be set and decorations added throughout the house.
To kick off the season, I wanted to have an easter egg decorating party for the kids and a few friends in the neighborhood. I could not resist setting up a treat table for the kids to enjoy as well. The dessert table is filled with the pretty colors of the season: soft blues, pinks, yellows, and greens. Using natural elements like real moss and wood pieces created a natural base for the tables cape. 

I love the idea of a naked cake because as a family we do not like a lot of icing on our sweets. It is also easy to make whether from scratch with homemade icing or a store bought box cake mix and frosting.  Simply add icing between the layers and top it with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Mix it up and try both chocolate and yellow cake layers on one cake. 

My kids love to paint so I pulled out the washable paint and set-up painting place settings for each guest to paint their eggs. I enjoy creating fun memories that my children will remember and hopefully pass down to their children one day as well. Decorating eggs is something that we do every year.

There are so many ways to decorate eggs.  The kids and I will decorate more eggs between now and Easter.  I am always looking for fun and creative methods that I have not tried before. What are some of your favorite methods to decorate eggs?