Sep 4, 2014

A Summer Farewell BBQ Dessert Table

It is only proper to have a good ole southern bbq cookout to say farewell to summer.  As much as I want to hold on to summer, school has already started and it is time to think about fall activities, parties, and home decor updates.

Today, I am sharing a southern BBQ dessert table recently designed for a client.  The dessert line up included southern favorites such as sweet potato pie, German chocolate cake, and banana pudding.  I also added a new dessert that I had not tried before, chocolate pie pops. I knew I wanted to add pops to the table design and a pie worked great with the theme. After a few tries with various chocolate fillings that resulted in either too much or not enough pie to filling ratio, my husband asks a very obvious question that I somehow missed.  "Honey, why not use Nutella?"  It is smooth nutty chocolate deliciousness that should have been my first choice. It worked perfectly! As a thank you, he received a pie pop fresh and warm out of the oven hand delivered by me with a kiss.


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