Aug 20, 2014

Protecting the Planet, One Scoop At a Time

Today, I packed up the kids to take them on an expedition of sorts.  We left the suburbs and headed downtown to Atlanta Botanical Gardens to catch the #icecreamexpedition truck during its latest stop in the ATL. We received the tip this morning from Mamalicious Maria who keeps locals in the know on upcoming family outings and freebies.  

The Ice Cream Expedition is the brainchild of 3 recent graduates from Denver, Colorado who decided to take a 8,000 mile trip across the country to film a documentary and talk about environmental conservation.  Their journey kicked off on July 17th in San Diego and they will continue until reaching their final destination, New York City.

This 3 man team thought if you show up with an ice cream truck offering free ice cream, folks might just listen to what you have to say.  They are inspiring the next generation of explorers whether exploring in their backyards or at a local park. Children are natural explorers.  An explorer in a way is responsible for preserving what he discovered.

The young conservationists are literally trying to save the planet one scoop at a time serving up scoops of Magnolia's all natural ice cream made with real fruit purees.  Avocado ice cream, anyone? Explorers can try some unique flavors: mango, guava, purple yam coconut swirl and avocado. The two I tried, mango and guava, were so refreshing and creamy goodness. Can you see the chucks of mango?

 At each stop they encourage explorers to take a pledge of action to respect and protect our planet.

My kiddos also received their very own copy of National Geographic Kids Magazine.  Check out National Geographic Kids for sneak peaks on what's inside upcoming issues.

The Ice Cream Expedition received the National Geographic Young Explorer Grant and is cosponsored by Magnolia Ice Cream and Kickstarter. Next stop..Nashville TN on August 25th.  Then they travel along the east coast with final stop in New York City in September.  To read more about their expedition and travels, find them on facebook and at

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  1. Wow I didn't even know all that! I just saw "free ice cream". :)