Jun 20, 2014

Enjoying Fruits of Our Labor - 10 Minute Berry Dessert

It's blackberry and blueberry season.  There is a distinct difference in taste when eating fresh picked fruit verses fruit from the local grocery store that has been subjected to refrigeration and transport.  I grew up near farms and had ready access to fresh fruits and vegetables. It was common for me to see fields of not only cotton and corn, but also cows daily.  My kids are growing up in a different time and place, so I take every chance I get to ensure they respect and appreciate the origin of the food they eat. A recent visit to the farm, yielded us a bounty of fresh picked blackberries and blueberries.

In case you are wondering why my little ones are wearing superhero costumes, we were invited to a birthday party at the farm and the 3 year old honoree requested superhero attire.  A superhero party at a farm? Why not?  It's his birthday and it should be about what he enjoys.

On the ride home, the kids came up with ideas on what to make with the berries they picked. Pancakes, cupcakes, and pie topped their list.

The kids were excited to help me prepare a dessert to use the berries the same day we picked them.  I needed to keep it simple as I was recovering from an event the night before. Semi- homemade was definitely the way to go.  I am calling it a deconstructed trifle because we literally threw it together in minutes.  We used ingredients I had on hand that was not used for the dessert table I set-up the night before.

Small Loaf Pound Cake
2 pints Mixed Berries
1 Jar Raspberry Jam (or any jam or preserves)
1 cup heavy whipping cream or 8 oz store bought whipped cream
3/4 cup sugar for homemade whipped cream
2 oz Whipped Cream Cheese (optional)
1 tsp Vanilla
Basil or Mint for garnish

Cut the pound cake into cubes.  Stir the jar of jam and drop tablespoons on top of the cake.  Sprinkle berries on top.  If making your own whipped cream, whip 1 cup of heavy whipping cream  and 3/4 cup sugar in a mixer with the whisk attachment.  Once soft peaks are formed, add 1 teaspoon of vanilla and whip just until incorporated.  I also added 2 ounces of whipped cream cheese to give it added texture. I like the slight tartness it provides. Conversely, you can pick up a tub of whipped cream from the freezer section of your grocery store and add the vanilla. Stir the vanilla by hand using a large spoon right in the tub.  Top off the fruit with as much whipped cream as you desire and garnish with basil or mint. This is literally a 10 minute dessert and it tastes yummy thanks to fresh ingredients.

This is a great last minute dessert for unexpected guests or to take along to a picnic. Serve it in a pretty clear bowl and dessert is done.

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