May 1, 2014

Mother's Day Subway Art {Free Printable}

Children are a blessing and so are Mothers. I am blessed to have a strong and supportive Mother. And, I too am a mother to 3 little blessings of my own just like my Mom.  Two boys and one girl.  

It is a surreal experience when you one day look up and realize you look and sound just your Mother. I hear myself give the same advice and wisdom to my children that I received from my Mom. I sing some of the same songs, read the same bedtime stories that I enjoyed as a child, and cook some of the same family meals.  We are truly a product of our childhood one way or another.  Whether we choose to do things the same way as Mom or take a different approach.

At times it is hard to find the words to adequately express how much those special people in our lives are to us. I truly believe that you can never say," I love you" too many times as long as it is authentic. On this Mother's Day, I am using words that remind me of my Mother and just how grateful I am to have her as my Mother and a part of my life today.  

I am sharing them with you in four different colors for free.  You can use them to make a card by printing as a 5x7 photo onto card stock and fold in half or print as an 8X10 photo for framing. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Click To Download (Teal)