Apr 27, 2014

Groove Book Review (Get Your Free Book)

So, you have heard of it but have not tried it yet. I'll give you a quick overview of my experience with Groove Book to help you decide.  Plus I'll give you the details on how to get a free book.

Thanks to a feature on ABC's TV show "Shark Tank" in January of this year, Groove Book has become a household name.  Brian and Julie Whiteman founded the company using a printer from their small business.  The idea is a simple one, but solves the common dilemma of what to do with all the digital photos taken on your phone.

On average, I have 1,500 photos on my phone at any given time which are backed up automatically to a cloud storage. Setting up a back up service on your phone is an important thing to do given how much we use our phones daily. If something happens to your phone,  you can at least have comfort that your photos are safe.

There is a small percentage of mobile photos that make it to print form. So, besides using the digital photos to share online, wouldn't it be great to print some of them in an quick, easy, and low cost way.  

Well for just $2.99 a month, it is a subscription service, you can upload 100 photos from your mobile camera per month for printing.  This is done from the free Groove Book app (available on AppStore and Google Play) that you download to your phone. The photos are bound in a 4.6"x 6.5" book with perforated tear sheets.  Each photo has the date and time stamp included along the binder. The paper used for the book is thin and has an acid free glossy finish. Why the Groove in the book?  It is a patented design to keep the book flexible (like a magazine) and keep shipping cost low.

What if you have more than 100 photos that you would like to print in a given month.  No problem. You can order as many sets of 100 and it will still cost only $2.99 per book.  As long has you upload 40-100 photos, a Groove Book will be shipped to you.  It will always be 100 photos printed in your book.  They simply print duplicates to reach 100.

I just received my first Grove Book.  It took 2 weeks from my close date to receive my first book. Shipping times are a lot longer now that their business has more than tripled since before their Shark Tank spotlight. To keep costs low, books are shipped via USPS.  My package arrived worn a little and the outer edge of the book cover was torn. The photos, however, were not damaged. Overall, the Groove Book met my expectations. 

It is important to remember that the quality of the picture will be no better than the quality of the photo taken by the camera. Now that phone cameras have improved, the expectation for a crisp photo with all subjects in focus is achievable.  In my opinion the prints will work well for scrapbooking and other photo art/craft projects.  I would not use any of these for framing. You can of course also leave them in the book and start a collection or create a library. This would be a great gift to give grandparents or other family members who might prefer prints over digital media. They will have a physical album to show off as they brag about the grandkids. 

At this price point and having an easy way to quickly and easily order prints from your phone, I suggest you give it a try.

Want to try a book for free?  Use this code to obtain your free Groove Book. Enter the code at checkout. You are signing up for a subscription service and will receive your first book for free.  You can cancel at anytime.


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