Jan 13, 2014

New Year's Bash

As I think about how busy the holiday season was, it is nice to pause and have time to reflect on what I would like to accomplish this year both professionally and personally. I can now exhale and express my gratitude for the opportunities to spend more time last year on photography and party styling. I am excited to welcome 2014 and look forward to a year of walking out the path God has prepared for me.

To get pumped up for the season, you could often here me singing,...cel-e-bration time...come on!  I enjoyed all the celebrations including the cookie swaps, a scarf exchange, birthday parties, a holiday brunch, and dinners with family and friends. It provides me with such joy to be in a creative space and spend time with those that matter most. There were so many excuses to bake and sample my way through the holiday season. The other side of the whirlwind though is that it goes by quickly.  It would be great to savor the special moments longer. This is one of the reasons I enjoy photography so much. It can truly take you back to the emotions you felt at that time.

I take a deep breath each time I think about the fact that I was either hosting or styling a party or making desserts for dessert tables from October up until New Year's Eve. As such, there are a couple of parties that have not been added to the site yet. Today, I am sharing the New Year's Eve bash created for a client.  The dessert buffet included champagne blueberry parfaits, chocolate mousse shots, red velvet cupcakes, white chocolate, toffee, and dark chocolate carmel truffles.  In lieu of confetti, which the client appreciated since it was in her home, Midnight Kisses were a part of the New Year countdown and were given as favors to the guests.

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