Oct 31, 2013

Tutorial: How To Paint A Mason Jar

I am a southern girl obsessed with mason jars.  I have a Pinterest Board dedicated to the topic to feed this love affair with the ever so versatile glass jar.  I have a collection that I gathered over the years for various reasons, including my canning ventures and the cases of jelly made by my grandmother.

Have you seen the different color mason jars in the stores lately?  Or have to seen them in pictures and wondered how to paint your own?  It is simple and easy to do and provides such a pop of color to your decor.  My purpose for painting the jars was to make vases.  This tutorial uses wide mouth quart size

Quart Mason Jars
2 fl oz of paint per jar

Prepare your work surface by lining up your jars and paint.  Depending on how many you are painting be sure to verify that you have enough space on the cardboard for all the jars and room for the paint to spread once the jars are removed. Pour the 2 ounces of paint inside the jar. Based on the viscosity or flow of the paint, slightly tilt and rotate the jar to coat the inside. Rotate until the entire jar is coated with paint. Place the jar upside down and wait 15 minutes.  Pick up the jar and rotate (keep jar upside down).  Excess paint will flow onto the cardboard.  Do this for about an hour in 15 minute increments to give the excess paint time to drain.  Allow jars to rest overnight and turn upright.  Let them rest upright until completely dry before use.

Project Tip: During this project I had one container of paint that was thicker than the others and I did not like the viscosity.  The paint was not coating the jar smoothly. I could tell this as I begin to pour it into the jar.  Adding water to the paint allowed me to achieve the desired flow and decrease drying time.

Oct 25, 2013

Mustache Bash {My Party Design}

Whether you love or don't truly get the mustache craze, there are a lot of great ideas and fun ways to incorporate mustaches into not only parties and events, but everyday life.  If you are planning a party, you can incorporate the mustache into different themes such as father's day, little man first birthday, his and hers valentines party, wine and cheese gathering or a dinner party. Mustache party supplies and decorating items are easy to find and can be used in a variety of creative ways. I use a mustache sandwich cutter and food picks for my son's lunch.  He thinks they are cool and fun to use.

I recently had the exciting opportunity to plan a cool mustache bash for an eleven year old.  To keep it mature to match the birthday boy's personality, a black and white color scheme with pops of green and blue was chosen. More party details and where to find products used in this design can be found at the end of the post.

For the decorations, a rag banner was made with different patterned fabrics and varying textured ribbons. The bold black and white runner helped keep the look clean and mature.  Mustache wrapping paper was used to display the mustache pops and decorate the letter J. As I do with all my parties, I created a theme specific personal item that can be used and displayed after the party is over. For this party, a painting was created incorporating the honoree's name and mustache. For the cake topper, the mustache clips and stripped straws were use to decorate the cake.

All the food choices were kept black and white to stay in theme.  Patterned paper cones were filled with cookies and cream popcorn that were placed in ice cream cone stands.  Mustache pops were made using a candy mold. Chocolate cake pops were decorated with striped black and white straws.  One more treat was added. Who can resist powered doughnuts?  

Vendor Credit
Party design: Rotricia Coley, A Sweet Touch by Rachelle Grace
Ruffle cake: McEntyre's Bakery
Mustache wrapping paper, wood clips, and coasters (gift tags): Cost Plus World Market
Stripped Straws: Papers Straw Party