May 8, 2013

Tutorial: Mother's Day Frame

"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power" Maya Angelou.

I recently attended a High Tea in celebration of motherhood.  Dressed in my sunday best, including a colorful large rim hat, I had the pleasure of returning to my southern roots to enjoy a sampling of teas and petite plates and desserts that are must have during a tea service. As a special gift to the mothers, I made party favors for each guest to take home. Each one was unique and handmade.

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This is a quick and simple craft that is a great way to begin using a must have item in the crafter's tool bag: Mod Podge.  With the supplies in hand you can make one of these or more in time for Mother's Day.  A hour or two is all you need from start to finish to complete a frame.  Since I was making 22 frames, it took me three days to make the favors working a couple hours each day (during the kids nap time). If you are making a large number of frames, I suggest you make plans to break it up so you can enjoy the process and express your creativity. Here's how I did it...

Project Plan (For Multiple Frames)
Day 1: Paint Frames
Day 2: Cut Scrapbook Paper (heavy weight paper is more forgiving and less prone to wrinkles)
Day 3: Apply Paper and Embellishments using Mod Podge and Hot Glue Gun


Wood Frame (available at Michael's for $1 each)
Foam Brushes
Acrylic Paint
Disposable Plate
Scrapbook Paper (wrapping paper or computer printouts)
Mod Podge (matte finish)
Embellishments (flowers, ribbon, stickers, etc.)

Step 1: Paint the back, side and front edges of each frame.  This ensures a finished clean look and provides you with a nice outline to allow flexibility when lining up the paper. The frame will have plenty of time to dry while you prepare the scrapbook paper.

Step 2: Trace the outline of the frame (inside and out) and cut by hand.  Since I was making a large number, I used my Cricut machine to cut the size I needed.  If you are only making 1 or 2, it is faster to complete this step by hand.

Cricut settings using round square image were 7.8"x7.8" (Layer 1) and 3.5"x3.5"(Layer 2).
Step 3: Apply a smooth layer of Mod Podge in one direction to the front of the frame and then apply the paper cutout.  Mod Podge is a glue so work quickly as you may have 1 or 2 opportunities to reposition. Gluing the edges is extremely important to prevent peeling.

Step 4: Apply a generous coating of Mod Podge on top to seal and protect your project. The Mod Podge dries clear; however you will have a smoother finish if you paint in one direction using long strokes.

Step 5: Apply embellishments using hot glue gun once the Mod Podge has dried.

Yes, I planned ahead and made an extra one for my mother.  Now, I must find the perfect photo of the two of us to make this gift truly special.

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